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Dear Fellow Local Real Estate Investor,

You owe it to yourself to read this critical letter from start to finish, because the time for you to join a tight-knit team of local residents who are using an easy-to-use, powerful and proven 'SYSTEM' to succeed in amassing profitable real estate properties - with no money down or any previous experience - is now!

It's your turn to quickly and easily build the real estate investment empire you want so you can exit the 'rat race,' stop trading dollars for hours, put an end to financial worries and start living your dream life.

As for me and my family, we have no worries about being laid off or fired, the up or down movement of the economy, what's going on in the stock markets, gas prices, rising costs of living ... any of these common American problems.

You may wonder, as you read, "Why don't they worry about the issues most other people worry about; why are they 'protected' from the financial woes of most folks?"

Because We've Built Financial Freedom Thanks to a Simple 'SYSTEM' that Can Be Used to Find, Negotiate, Purchase & Manage an Ever-Growing Real Estate Investment Property Portfolio

We used this 'SYSTEM' to buy & manage all types of real estate including single & multi-family rental unit houses, large apartment buildings and commercial real estate investment properties; some of which we've owned for decades!

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for your assistance over the last year. As an owner of 3 multi-family properties it has been re-assuring to have an experienced coach to call when faced with various real estate investing challenges. Your knowledge of the real estate investing business and the local market has been invaluable. Your advice and feedback have helped me create a solid plan to move forward with my investing business. Your detailed walk thorough of my current properties helped me assess what needed to be done to maximize my property values. If I had access to this type of expertise 7 years ago when I started investing I undoubtedly would have avoided some costly mistakes. I look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Bob Keeshan

I am about to buy a 3-family which will cash flow $500 per month-with no money down and not using my credit! Plus I am working on purchasing 3 buildings using the techniques that I have learned in this coaching program. The information that I have learned in the CTREIA Fast-Track Team Coaching Program has far surpassed what I've learned in other programs that I have spent a lot more money on.

L.C - Danbury

However, I know that there are many people who have studied long and hard about how to build wealth through real estate investing and haven't been able to bring it all together.

You may have known for a long time about how risky it is to invest in mutual funds, stocks, 401ks, pensions, but in 2008, you got a really good chance to see it all play out!

People, who had built up their retirement in these types of investments and others, lost their nest eggs overnight.

Aren't you sick of being "man-handled," pushed around and bullied by your boss... creditors... gas prices... landlord... the economy... and others who all seem to want a chunk of what's in YOUR pocket?

So what do you do?

You work harder and harder knowing that you're losing ground each and every day, but even though you work harder, the quicksand of life just keep dragging you down.

There’s actually some good news...

Before taking this course, I was frozen and stopped in my tracks where it came to buying an investment property. This pro-gram gave me the confidence to invest in real estate with professional mentors to guide me along the way. Now I'm closing on my first multi-family property which will make me over $500 per month in passive income and $90,000 in equity (plus I get to live there for free. Thank You CT REIA!

Update: Offer Accepted On A 3-family Short Sale Property
I just got an offer accepted on a 3-family short sale property! Thanks again for all your help in getting me started through the coaching program. It has definitely paid off! Thanks.

Derek Platt - Bristol

Though you've attended seminars, read books, purchased home study courses or you are actually in the real estate investment business, it's time for you uncover the hidden path to real estate riches.

Without having someone taking you by the hand and walk the path with you, it's incredibly difficult for anybody to turn their knowledge of real estate investing into a real estate fortune!

This is the missing link that so many people are never shown or told about.

How Easy Would It Be For You to Buy Your First Several Properties if Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, or Dean Graziosi Personally Coached You?

Super easy, right?

Imagine how many properties you can own in the next 24 months if you discovered EXACTLY how to do it with ZERO money down ... little or no previous experience ... good, bad or no credit... good or bad sales and negotiation skills...

The truth of the matter is that the 'SYSTEM' that I and countless others have used to amass local investment fortunes works for anyone who simply uses it.

With record low interest rates, record low property values and record high motivated sellers, this is a historic transfer of wealth that the only the prepared will be empowered to receive!

What is the CT REIA Ultimate Fast-Track Team Coaching Program?

Whether you're a total newbie or you've been in the game for years and have multiple rental properties, you will learn how to skyrocket your income by becoming one of the few who enters our limited-person coaching program!

This program is built to take you from wherever you are and catapult you to the next level; indeed, the highest levels of real estate investment success.

The property I'm closing on will have a $2,000 a month positive cash flow! Using none of my own money! Thank you... Thank you!

Phil Gerardo

Imagine Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki or Dean Graziosi Walking Side by Side With You Through the Whole Process!

Transform Your Life - and Your Bank Account - NOW! The "CT REIA Coaches" will give you the most effective information, which is the backbone of the “SYSTEM,” for:

  • Managing Your Business - Eliminate headaches and property management nightmares with this easy-to-use system that we have perfected. You'll always have a firm grip on your business with this system. Experienced investors and complete newbie's will love what you learn to use here.
  • Achieving Your Goals - We'll help you set realistic and aggressive goals that we think you can personally achieve. We want to help you jump-start your success and break through that proverbial 'glass ceiling' in the first 90 - 120 days.
  • Negotiation Techniques - You'll learn proven techniques that will help you to go step-by-step through the process of negotiating deals that make you money when you buy.
  • Finances - Use the system that we've perfected over the last several decades so you can manage the finances of your business stress-free.
  • Real Estate Investing - You're going to learn critical information about starting from nothing, starting small and building your real estate investment property company the way we have done it, the way Robert Kiyosaki has done it, the way Trump has done it. You're going to learn how to do it based on the local real estate market from successful investors who have done it and are still doing it.
  • Property Management - You're going to learn several fascinating methods you can use to manage your properties without being a 'do-it-yourself' handy-man or woman. As a matter of fact, you're going to learn how to streamline the entire property management process so that you don't have to worry about tenants, personally deal with tenants (if you don't want to) and still maintain great relationships, have happy tenants and keep your properties looking immaculate.
  • Success Strategies - We're going to share with you all of our best strategies for buying properties with creative financing, no money down and maximizing monthly cash flow and equity in your properties.
  • Motivation - You're going to gain the laser-focus and inspiration that you need, just from being around peers who are all encouraging each other and changing their lives, one property at a time. But the stories and opportunities we reveal to you will also charge you up to go out and take the city by storm.
  • Communication Skills - Even if you would never consider yourself a salesperson, or a communicator, you're going to learn a simple script and tactics that we will help you master to command the price and deal that YOU want.

With all of this, you will have everything that you need to go out and build a real estate fortune that changes the lives of you and your family!

This is a complete package to walk you through the proven process of buying and holding profit-producing properties for the rest of your life.

And You Couldn't Have a Better Team of Local Experts Helping You...

Our coaches are successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs who have lived and worked in Connecticut for a combined 64 years.

You'll not only get me as your coach, but you'll also have Lou and Linda, who make up an incredible team of real estate wealth building coaches for you.

Lou Brissette saved me over $10,000 when rehabbing just one unit in my 2-family. Now I am making $10,000 a year in passive income. Thank you!

Linda Demarest

WOW!!! What an opportunity!! The coaches of CTREIA gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in an amazing Master Mind weekend with some of the best and brightest minds on this planet. 13 of us spent the weekend learning, laughing, being inspired and being an inspiration. I learned so much. The leaders of CTREIA are so vested in the success of their coaching students that they frequently go above and beyond to help us succeed. Thank you JoAnne, Lou and Linda... I am beyond grateful to have you in my corner!!


Your Personal Team of Coaches Have...

  • Been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions as a buyer and seller! So while Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and others who have their own national coaching programs have their merits, we can teach you all about purchasing and managing property right here in our own state. We know the landscape like the back of our hands and we'll share everything you need to know based on this local market.
  • Authored the book called of the "Connecticut Apartment Owners Manual" - which demonstrates to you the level of authority I will bring to help you succeed with buying multi unit apartment buildings and complexes right here in the Connecticut real estate market.
  • Authored the book "A Real Estate Investor's Guide To Maintenance And Rehabbing" - which should give you peace of mind knowing that we will know all the ins and outs of selecting the very best properties for great prices.
  • Owned hundreds of properties and thousands of units, including residential rentals and commercial properties - Yes, you read this correctly ... we're going to show you how to start from wherever you are - whether that means no property or a few properties - and build a real estate investment empire that may generate five, even six figures a month in just a few short years. This is your moment to change your life.
  • Closed over 200 deals - This gives me a level of expertise that will put you light-years ahead of other real estate investors who try to go at it alone. There's no need for you to take that route, the wisdom, knowledge and insight that I've accumulated is literally worth a fortune to you.
  • Conducted workshops and coaching programs on how to buy, sell, and manage real estate, as well as how to run your business like a business. We don't want you to treat your business like a little 'mom and pop shop' - we want you to learn how to run your real estate business like a 'business,' implement systems and processes that can easily be handed over to others so that you can enjoy the sweet rewards of your financial freedom without the headaches that some property managers have.

Here is a Small Sample of the Secrets, Formulas and Techniques You Will Learn to Master Through This Program even if you've never 'mastered' or been good at anything else! With this powerful 'SYSTEM' you too can...

  • Learn One Trick That Will Help You Get Involved In Real Estate Almost Instantly, Even If You're a Seasoned Professional You'll Love These Tricks of the Trade.
  • Discover How to Close More Deals Faster - So you can keep them from dragging on and move on to the next deal.
  • Utilize No Cost and Low Cost Advertising So You Can Make More and Spend Less
  • Gain the Methods to Help You Purchase Homes With No Money, Credit, or Banks... Wow! How many properties do you think you can purchase if you weren't even using your own money, if they didn't depend on your credit and if the banks weren't involved at all? You'll think that you've become a deal-making real estate tycoon after you learn these powerful secrets.
  • Own and Use Techniques and Software that Will Allow You to Evaluate Properties Quickly - Why work harder when you can work smarter with the tools the pros use? You'll get all of this absolutely free.
  • Find Out How to Determine When and Where to Buy - In our combined 64 years of experience, we've discovered that the "When & Where" happen to be significant factors to your bottom line are.
  • Learn the Buying Process Step-by-Step (including how to read a HUD settlement statement to make sure you get all the credits you deserve!)
  • Discover How to Get a Great Deal From "For Sale By Owner" - This one little secret here can put a lot of money in your pockets.
  • Uncover the Little Known Truth of What "We Buy Houses" Really Means (And How You Can Take Advantage Of It) - You too will see more deals than you even have time to take advantage of with this little secret.
  • Learn How to Have the Seller Hold the Mortgage for You - With this powerful strategy, you can save a ton of money and eliminate your need for good credit.
  • Uncover Simple Steps to Writing Offers that Get Accepted - Don't you want to write offers that make you a ton of money and also give the sellers what they want? You'll love this juicy strategy then.
  • Gain 5 Winning Methods To Use When Purchasing Property (Not Knowing These Methods Will Surely Spell Failure) ... But knowing them will mean BIG paydays for a long time to come.
  • Discover How to Manage your Property in a fraction of the time by following the 'SYSTEM' of a real estate tycoon.
  • How to Screen Tenants Our Way and Avoid Eviction Court - This will ensure that you get the very best, top of the line tenants who rent from you a long time and take the very best care of your properties.

In just the first few weeks, you will learn:

  • The 7 Totally Legal Strategies Landlords and Building Owners Can Use to Increase Cash Flow and Minimize Taxes (With No Fear of an IRS Audit!)
  • How to Get a No Money Down/Tax Free Vacation Home - This coaching program is worth taking just to learn how to do this.
  • How to Put Your Business On Autopilot - So you can live the life of a wealthy real estate investor instead of a 'mom and pop,' handyman investor who hasn't done anything more than bought themselves a new job.
  • Need to Know Information About Contracts, Paperwork and Closings - We'll show you how to breeze through this information.
  • The Single Most Effective Way to Run Your Business - This one secret will ensure that you build a real 'lifestyle business' ... meaning long vacations and weekends and time freedom beyond your wildest dreams.
  • How to Turn 5 Minutes and An Internet Connection Into a Proven Tactic For Renting Your Apartments and Finding Deals
  • How to Build a Successful Team That Will Do Most of the Work For You - You don't need to know a thing about changing light bulbs, painting walls, laying carpet or any of that boring stuff. You're going to learn how to leverage other people at the best price.
  • How to Bring in Other Investors - So you can leverage other peoples' money to own and profit from much larger properties than you would be able to own yourself.
  • And many, many more real estate fortune creating secrets that I and the other coaches have used to amass personal fortunes quicker and much easier than you could imagine.

By now, you've seeing dollar signs I'm sure.

Quite honestly, this system works like a charm for ANYONE, no matter your level of experience or skill is, no matter if you've got a lot of time or a little bit of time to invest.

ANYONE can do this!

I put my script together, practiced it and called the agent this morning. I'm pretty sure I aced it. It was a quick conversation with him - quicker than I thought it was going to be. I felt like I was in total control! P.S. All this stuff you guys teach in the coaching class REALLY WORKS! I wish this class was around back 4 or 5 years ago!!! Kudos to The REIA Trio!

Sherri T.

I really like what I'm doing, and I love the people I get to interact with everyday. Awesome people like you and Lou! Thanks for all your support over the years. What you're doing is awesome, giving people the hope and chance to live a different life away from the corporate world. It can be done!

Maureen, transformed ​From "Laid Off Executive" to "Owner of Hundreds of Apartments​"

All you have to do is show up and do what we help you do.

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